Photography  Akos Major

100% experienced acd/art director

100% experience doesn't mean I haven't stopped learning everything there is to know about this business. That's just crazy talk. Every single day is a new learning experience for me, from working with interesting people to silly conversations that turn into great ideas. It never gets boring and that's why I can't get enough of it all.

My experience lies in my ability to listen, create and enjoy every single step of the creative process. I want to make sure that everyone loves to work with me as much as i want to work with them.

My specialties include everything that comes with advertising, from concepting, designing, team-building, management, storytelling (bed-time storytelling not included), television, print, OOH, digital. If there's a place for an ad, I have probably put one on there at some point.

If you would like to know more about me, give me a shout: